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Ideal Year of Scouting & Journey To Excellence

July 22, 2011

First of all, lets start with some terminology.

Ideal Year of Scouting (IYOS) is an important tool which helps unit leaders develop their plan for delivering a quality Scouting program to the youth in Mid-America Council.

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the tool we’ve adopted to measure the quality of the Scouting program in our Council.  A unit who achieves their JTE goals can be confident they’re delivering a quality program supported by a healthy unit with trained leaders.

It is important for all leaders to promote IYOS as it results in a plan which assists all units in achieving their JTE goals.

Simply stated, the Ideal Year of Scouting is important to district leaders because it makes Scouting better. As a dedicated Scouter, you know the value of Scouting is immeasurable. Scouting is good for our community and good for those involved in both large and small ways.

By encouraging units in your district to utilize the Ideal Year of Scouting, you are helping them provide a better, more effective Scouting program for current and future Scouts. Units who use the Ideal Year of Scouting have more parent involvement and Scouts stay in the program longer. It’s a proven method of making Scouting better.

Units who achieve their JTE goals will be able to offer a 20% discount to each youth for any one Mid-America Council camp experience in the year following achievement.  It can be a unit campout or even a family camping experience at one of our five Council camps.  Depending on the camp, achieving JTE could mean a savings of $5 to $40 off for each youth. The more members they have, the more money the units save when they achieve JTE!  Keep in mind that 70% of Scouts join to go camping.

  • It has been proven that IYOS results in stronger Scouting units
  • We owe it to the youth we serve to provide the strongest program possible
  • JTE success indicates a well rounded Scouting program
  • Each youth in the unit can receive 20% discount on a Council Camp experience
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