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Are you on The Journey?

August 31, 2011

Start your Journey to Excellence today.

The Journey to Excellence is a set of criteria, or a checklist, that units use to plan the Ideal Year of Scouting. When you achieve the Journey to Excellence, the Mid-America Council gives each member 20% off of any one MAC camp of their choice – it can be a camp the unit goes to as a group, or a camp that a single member and his family go to together.

Keep in mind that 70% of Scouts join to go camping. This is a direct benefit to them.

Depending on the camp, achieving the Journey to Excellence could mean a savings of $50 to $400 off per 10 member unit! If you have a 15 member unit, you could save as much as $600. The more members you have, the more money you save when you achieve a Journey to Excellence!

If you and the other unit leaders follow Ideal Year of Scouting planning, it will save you several hours. The Ideal Year of Scouting is a tested method that works. It keeps kids in Scouting longer, thus keeping parents involved longer, which means less work for you! You can spread the responsibilities between more people because you have more people involved.

Using this planning mechanism, the unit will save money, so you don’t have to ask the parents for it! The less money that parents have to spend out of their pocket, the better!

Pack Criteria

Troop Criteria

Crew Criteria

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