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Need more help in your pack? Here’s how you get it.

September 9, 2011

By Eric Magendantz, Mid-America Council Scout Executive

You really don’t need more volunteers, do you?

Back in 1993, while serving as a district executive in Citrus County, Florida, I began working with Pack 302 located in Inverness. At every event of theirs that I attended, there always seemed to be more than enough parents and leaders at every level. I began to realize that was not necessarily the norm, but rather, the extraordinary. As I got to know the Cubmaster, Charlotte Maidhoff, I was very curious how she had managed to accomplish what others yearned for – a fully engaged group of parents and leaders.

I asked Charlotte how she had managed to cross into the desired state of organization that is usually only talked about during trainings and rarely seen in “real life.” She showed me a very simple process and solution – The Parent Participation Form or sometimes known as the “100 Point Form.”

It’s quite simple, really. The form is designed based on the needs of pack with a the goal of engaging all parents in some aspect of their son’s Scouting program. Each element on the form is assigned points. For example, if a parent signs on to become a den leader, that’s worth 100 points. Charlotte knew that not all parents could be den leaders, but she didn’t want to let the rest “off the hook” so a parent had the option of meeting their 100 points by signing up to help with the Pinewood Derby (60 points), Cub Scout Olympics (20 points) and the popcorn sale (20 points). Each parent signed the form committing to their personal selections, and it worked. She made this 100 Point Form a part of joining the pack and then she even went back to her existing families and had each of them complete one too.

This form is now available to you in our parent guide book and also on our website. You can use the standard template or edit to meet your individual pack needs. As a former pack committee chairman and someone who has used and seen his own pack benefit from this simple process, I encourage you to give a try.

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