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Where does my money go?

November 1, 2011

Where is my money going when I donate to the  Council? Is it leaving town?

I would like to point out that all of us send money out of town every day and bring money in. In fact, the life and welfare of us individually and as a community depends on this flow of commerce. Otherwise, we are too small to survive without it!

For example, in my own case, I can’t make the tractors, plows and implements I sell and service, so I buy them from someone else who can make them. To do this, I have to send money out of town. There are too few tractor prospects in my town, so I peddle them all over four counties. This brings money into town.

In the above exchange many people benefit financially. The manufacturer, his salesman who rents a room at our hotel, the 10 employees I have who live in our town, plus all the people who they spend their money with, the farmer and his family, etc.  A little rubs off on me for which the butcher, the baker, the doctor, the tax collector and 50 other people, mostly local, are grateful. Local trade is certainly stimulated as each dollar makes its way around. Everyone is benefited directly or indirectly. 

What is true of me and my business is true of most businesses and individuals in my town. Gone is the day when the home was the workshop and each family sufficient unto itself.

I’m trying to show that what we are doing in the Scout drive for the council in our little town was to operate on the same common business principal. In effect, we were asking the people of our community to buy at wholesale from the manufacturer the program of Scouting, so we in turn can retail it to the consumer at home. From that, plenty of benefits of character in young people will rub off on all of us here.

*This info is taken from the Ozark Trails Council newsletter.

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