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We are going over the edge!!! For real!

May 23, 2012

Allen Vaughn

How did you hear about the event? 

I have known about rappelling since I started receiving emails from the BSA Mid-America Council about 4 years ago, and there was an article about it then, and every year after that.

Why did you decide to rappel over the Woodmen Tower this year?

It actually was something that a mother of a boy that is in my Den that has asked if I would be willing to do this; I just couldn’t say no. It has always struck an interest in me to at least try rappelling one time; and after the 22nd of September, I can mark off one more thing that is on my “Want to do list!”. Besides, we are talking about the Woodman, and not everyone has this kind of opportunity where a whole city street is blocked off and all I have to do is show up and act like Spiderman.

Have you ever rappelled before? If so, where?

Never, but I have this feeling that when I do finally rappel off of the side of the Woodman, I will be looking for other opportunities to do the some more rappelling again and again!

Does anything scare you about rappelling down the Woodmen? If so, what?

No. At first I did have reservations, but that lasted like 5 minutes, I just kept thinking about an opportunity of a lifetime was knocking at my door and I just can’t seem to slam it shut on a worthy cause.

What excites you about rappelling?

Several things; never having done this before; only a select few and if they meet certain goals are allowed to rappel, the fact that I will be over 600’ in the air coming down the side of a building, it is for a good cause, and last, but not least, which by the way is what Scouting is all about, it will be FUN!

Why support the Boy Scouts?

Is this question really necessary?? This is one of the last world renown organizations that offer leadership skills, values of community service, volunteerism, teaches about nature and what we can do to help preserve it, how we can be respectful of our flag and those that have died and are still sacrificing their own lives for our freedom, and most importantly, it helps us to instill the value of God in our lives.

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  1. Marc Anderson permalink
    May 28, 2012 16:43

    Awesome, Allen! It will be at least ten times more fun than it looks. Not many Cub Scouts have leaders who have rapelled down skyscrapers, what an inspiration! Grrrrr!

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