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Marsha is going Over the Edge!

June 1, 2012

Marsha Graesser


How did you hear about the event?

I work at Woodmen of the World.

Why did you decide to rappel over the Woodmen Tower this year?

I decided to rappel over the Woodmen Tower again this year, (even though I vowed to ONLY go again when my daughter, Olivia turned 14 years old – in 4 years.) because two very special people urged me to form a team.

Have you ever rappelled before? If so, where? 

I rappelled over the Woodmen Tower last year.

Does anything scare you about rappelling down the Woodmen? If so, what?

The first step back…..  I thought I was going to pass out…and then when I traveled down over the letters of Woodmen, there is a little drop before you get to the windows….I did not look down…

What excites you about rappelling?

Everything…  My personal mantra is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “Do one thing every day that scares you…..”  The view from the roof top of Woodmen is priceless.
Why support the Boy Scouts? 

I do believe that the Boy Scouts fosters great leadership for youth/adults and gives amazing opportunities to impact the community and the world.

More than anything – the Little Sioux Tornado victims – Sam, Josh, Aaron and Ben, for some reason, have a very special place in my heart….. and their families…  Most people remember exactly where they were when the Space Challenger disaster happened or when Elvis died, I will never forget the evening in June 2008….  When I heard about the opportunity to help the Boy Scouts and rappell down the tower, I decided to pay tribute to Sam, Josh, Aaron and Ben….and I wore their names on my Robin cape….  The rappel team duct-taped it to my back….

My way of paying tribute and honoring their too short but full lives.

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