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Camp Open House at Covered Wagon

April 22, 2013

Chilly temperatures  didn’t make a difference to the 300+ Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, families and Scout leaders who spent the weekend at Camp Cedars and Camp Eagle for a first-time ever open house and training event showcasing the Covered Wagon Scout Ranch.

“Putting our tent up twice!” laughed Melissa Stephens, leader and mom with Pack 26 from Soaring Eagle, when asked what were some of the things they’d been doing.  “We were asked to move it, and were really glad when we realized we’d be closer to the campfire.” 

Don Godfrey posted on Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council, “Last night [Friday], I went out there after 9 pm.  There was enough fire that it looked like a small trailer park.” 

Scouts, families and leaders know how to have fun regardless of the weather.  They were prepared and bundled in coats, hoodies and hats.  And they did the things they like to do most!

“Canoeing!” shouted Tanner , Michael and Michael of Pack 481 from Lewis & Clark District.  “We got to be in the canoe by ourselves!  Just us – we never  done it before – we paddled and paddled and figured it out.  We also tried a rowboat, but the canoe was best!”

Each Wolf in Den 8 from Pack 363 in Soaring Eagle District from Gretna  liked a different activity.  Austin liked horseback riding best.  Curtis was totally into the climbing tower.  Jake like blasting off rockets, and Cole thought BB shooting was the best of all!

In Pack 26 from Soaring Eagle, Jack the Tiger Cub liked games the best, while Bear Cubs Sam and Hunter liked horseback riding and archery respectively.  Webelos, Max said, “I like all of it!  Really… I do!”  

Boy Scouts in Troop 335 and 340 from Lewis & Clark District, unanimously insisted Tomahawk throwing was their favorite along with the compass course.  Scouts Christopher and Nicholas had come out to Cedars the day before and set up the compass course.  Good job, Scouts!   These Scouts also shared what they had found while hiking – deer rubs and scat, coyote and turkey tracks and wild onions.  They said the wild onions were pretty tasty and they were considering cooking wild onions and eggs for breakfast.

Events and activities for Scouts to choose from included shooting sports (BB and archery for Cub Scouts; shotgun and rifle for Boy Scouts); COPE/Climbing Tower; horseback riding, rockets, handicraft, fishing, canoeing, rowing, first aid, GPS course, outdoor skills, and a bounce house.   

Scout leaders and parents agreed that outdoor events such as the Covered Wagon Scout Ranch open house had immense value for Scouts and families. 

“Absolutely this program has value for my family and our Scouts.  It’s good to get out and experience the outdoors and activities with others,” stated Melissa Stephens.

Trina Griffin and Christina Melia, moms and leaders with Pack 481 agreed, “There’s no electronics to distract them– just good outdoor fun and bonding as a pack and family.”

Jen Simmons and Cynthia Boeftger of Pack 363 with Den 8 agreed the boys were having a great time participating in activities and camping, “This is something we’ll do again.”

While Camp Cedars held outdoor activities and events for youth, Camp Eagle hosted adult training which included Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), Webelos Leader Outdoor Skills, Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS), Leave No Trace and Learn to operate a Forge.

Thank you to all Scouts, families and leaders who participated this weekend. If you missed it, or want to do it again next year, watch the Mid-America Council Calendar at for the 2014 Open House and Trainings at Covered Wagon Scout Ranch.

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