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Volunteers Needed!

August 14, 2013

Just letting everyone know that we still need some help for the Cox Classic if you are available.

This Saturday the 17th  is Set Up from 7am – 3pm but you don’t have to stay the whole time.  Even if you could come for a couple hours that would help.  We still need 4 more people to help with this.  Just wear work clothes, and there is no registration fee.

Tear Down Sunday August 25th.  4pm-8pm  We could still use 3 people to help there.  Wear work clothes and no registration fee.

Parking Lot August 22nd.  We still need to fill 5 shifts.

Parking Lot August 23rd. We still need to fill 3 shifts.

Parking Lot August 24th and 25th .  We still need to fill 4 shifts each day.

For Parking lot, there are several shift times you can choose from.  They are usually 3-3.5 hr shifts.  Parking lot does require a $45 registration fee and you get the polo shirt and hat

Standard Bearer open positions.

Aug 22nd – 9 shifts open

Aug 23rd  – 4 shifts open

Aug 24th  – 3 shifts open

Aug 25th –  2 shifts open.

There are several times open for these positions.  There is no registration fee if you wear a Scout Class A uniform, otherwise it is $45.

Please let all volunteers in your districts know as well.  I have had several units say they were signing up people but I haven’t seen them all actually do it yet.

The good news is, we have filled 60 of our 96 shifts which is more than the last two years.

If you decide to sign up please let me know and I will schedule you.  If you want me to register you please tell me what shifts you would like to work.

Thanks to everyone who is already helping out!

Clint Siskow |  Senior Development Director

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