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Jennifer Griswold anchor with Action 3 News is going OVER THE EDGE

August 26, 2013

Jennifer Griswold anchor with Action 3 News is going OVER THE EDGE on September 21. We asked her a few questions:
1. Why are you rappelling?
I’m a thrill seeker. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. The reality is probably closer …to the fact that I’ve never done something this scary, and I want to prove to myself I can do it.
2. Why do you support scouting?
Scouting provides so many things to its participants and the communities that have scouts. It gives so much extra education to children. The older I get the more I appreciate organizations who positively influence our youth.
3. Tell us about any experience you have rappelling:
Experience? I hope that’s not a prerequisite. I have none!
4. Tell us how you feel about rappelling over the edge of the Woodmen Tower:
Today, I’m super excited. On the day of the rappel, I’m going to be: nervous, anxious, scared out of my mind, totally freaked out and hopefully, eventually relieved! I just hope I don’t freeze up!
5. Please include anything else that you think people would like to know about you:
I love that my job allows me to do cool things like this. And I think people should watch KMTV Action 3 News!


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