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Jason Jurey is going OVER THE EDGE

August 27, 2013

Jason Jurey is going OVER THE EDFE

Why are you rappelling?
I watched a friend and fellow team mate rappel last year and it looked like a great time. I am always ready to support the Boys Scouts.

Why do you support Scouting?
Our son has been in Scouts for five years now and it has made such a difference in the young man he is growing into. The Scouting program has given us a program to work in together and something for him to work towards as he gets older. We have been very impressed with the programs that are available to him and the camps have been fantastic. We are so proud of the Scout that he is becoming and look forward to see what he does in the future.

Tell us about any experience you have rappelling:
I have never been rappelling before, so I am looking forward to this being a great experience.

Tell us how you feel about rappelling OTE of the Woodmen Tower:
I am very excited to be able to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Anything else?
My son and I are planning on going to a high adventure camp in the next few years, so I am hoping this will help me get ready for any challenge I might face.

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