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Boy Scout Camping

September 23, 2013


New Programs at Camp Cedars for Summer 2014!
Though still more than 8 months away, summer 2014 is already shaping up to be a great one for Boy Scouts attending Camp Cedars. There are a number of new and exciting program features coming down the line. Here are some of them!

Stand-up Paddleboarding
Scouts will get the chance to enjoy the lake in a new way with our stand-up paddleboards. They will also get the chance to earn one of the BSA’s newest awards for stand up paddle-boarding.

Gaga Ball
Not your average dodgeball, the gaga ball pit will give Scouts the chance to take the game to a whole new level. Lots of Scouts got to experience this fun-fill, fast-paced game at the national jamboree, and now it will be available to Scouts at Camp Cedars too!

All Terrain Vehicles
We have been approved for the national pilot program to offer ATVs as a program activity to our Scouts at Camp Cedars in the summer of 2014. Through this program Scouts will learn to safely and properly operate an ATV, all while having fun. This is sure to be a great addition to our programs.

Action Archery
The thrill of archery combined with the skill of trap shooting come together to give you the new action archery program. Targets will be thrown much like a clay pigeon and Scouts will get to test their archery skills and hit them in midair. Do you have the skill that it takes to be a successful archer in this event? Come along and find out!

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