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Duck Dynasty beards trending in Mid-America Council

November 6, 2013

You’ve seen them walking into meetings and events with more than a five o’clock shadow.  These Mid-America Council professional fellas aren’t making duck calls or auditioning for Duck Dynasty.  They are “The Beard Team” serving as walking beard billboards working towards and raising awareness for the following goals. 

  • Investment in Character Campaign (formerly FOS) – Nick Boden, ASST Director of Field Service
  • Traditional growth of 11, 570 Cub Scout families – Nate Young, Director of Field Service
  • Balanced budget – Eric Magendantz, Scout Executive/CEO and Spencer Finley, Director of Accounting
  • Re-Charters 90% completed in Scouters Services – Jason Ballew, ASST Director of Field Service
  • Investment in Character Campaign Manpower Development – Clint Siskow, Senior Development Director
  • Daryl Milius, Soaring Eagle District Director; Jordan Hunter, War Eagle District Executive; David Harris, War Eagle Senior District Executive; Maurice Cotton, Lewis & Clark Soutreach Pre-professional; and Scott Hanson, Director of Camping Services are also on The Beard Team working toward the five goals listed above. 

The Beard Team plan is to meet these goals as a council by Friday the 13th of December, 2013.  They’re doing  this because our youth in our communities deserve to have a quality council that provides unparalleled experiences for more youth.  Watch the January BSA e-Bugle for a full report on the success of The Beard Team – complete with a full-bearded, group photo! 

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