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A Message From MAC’s Campaign Manager

November 19, 2013

“How much?” is a question I hear more times than I can count this time of year. “So, how much do you think is on this truck?”, “How much product can I fit in my mini-van?”, “How much does my Scout need to sell to get this prize, or that prize?”, “How much popcorn did we sell this year?”, as you can see, the list goes on, and on.

However, the MOST IMPORTANT question I get asked, that I never get tired of answering, is “How much money did the Mid-America packs and troops earn this year?”. It’s an exciting question to answer – our packs and troops (YOU) are the best in the country at raising funds for your Scouting activities. You put the ‘outing in Scouting’ by providing your Scouts with unparalleled experiences, which in turn makes them the best Scouts they can be.

So far, in 2013, our packs and troops have earned almost $1 million from popcorn in their bank accounts. I know this sounds like a lot of cash, but let me show you why I am concerned:

  • In the fall of 2013, the Mid-America Council (YOU) had more than 900 new Cub Scouts join us on the Scouting Trail – these families are in your packs and troops. This means you have more boys on your re-charter for next year, right? How are you paying for them to gain the benefits of the program?
  • In the fall of 2013, Boy Scouts of America announced the national annual membership dues are increasing by $9.00 for each Scout. This probably wasn’t included in your budget for re-chartering. Did your popcorn sale cover the increase?
  • If there is less in your pack or troop bank account – what does that mean for you? Are you going to have to ask parents to pay out-of-pocket? Will you be cancelling some of your activities planned for your Scouts? I hope not. Scouts deserve to have unparalleled experiences.

I believe in the Scouting program and I know that Scouts gain advantages for the future that are unmatched anywhere else. I believe that NO one should be left with less money this year. That money helps to provide the experiences and benefits that make Scouting such an interactive program. So, I’m rounding up the troops, pulling out all the stops and calling in some favors and we are launching a second sale for YOU.

The sale will start today, Friday, November 15th. We have a limited amount of product you can check out for store-front sales, and are allowing all products to be ordered on a take order.

Email me if you want to participate.

Why do I care about this? I care because I need YOU to have the best year ever in Scouting. I need your Scouts to have more fun than they ever expected. I need your parents to never have to worry about paying for anything with Scouts.

Why do I need this? Because when your Scouts are having all this fun, they are learning the most important skills in life. They are learning how to be men, respectable, smart, caring men, who can make this world better.

I need Scouting to be strong because our world needs Scouting to be strong. I need Scouting to be strong because when my son is old enough, I want there to be an awesome pack that he joins and has a ton of fun while learning important life lessons.

Please take this opportunity to earn more money for your pack or troop. Use it to pay for your re-charter, take the boys on one more camp-out or activity. Use it to throw the best blue and gold your pack has ever seen, or court of honor that truly honors the work of a new Eagle Scout. Please take this opportunity.

Yours In Scouting,

Elizabeth Power

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