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It is now easier than ever to register for Scouting events!

December 4, 2013

The Mid-America Council is using Scouting Event software for all district and council events – from Merit Badge Colleges to Webelos Lock-Ins to Day Camps. If you are in charge of planning a district or council event, the process for submitting the information is very easy:

  1. Just go to and click on the calendar request form to the right of the calendar.
  2. Fill in all the fields necessary for your event & upload any flyers or supporting documents
  3. Review the draft version when the Web Admin has sent you the link (within 24-48 hours of submission)
  4. Send any changes to the Web Admin, or approve the event for live registration (your district executive or council staff advisor must be the final sign-off)

That’s it! Once the registration has gone live, you will receive an email weekly with new registration counts. You can also log in and pull a variety of reports for your event.

If you have an event that does not require registration or another organization is handling the registration part, please submit the calendar request so it can be added to the council calendar. This would be for events like Scout Nights. We put it on the calendar for all Scouts to see it, but there is no registration option.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Arnold.

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