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What’s a Jubilee? A message from your marketing director

December 6, 2013

In 2007, I attended my first “Jubilee.” I had been on the job at the Boy Scouts for just over a year when the big day came. And I don’t say “big day” lightly. I’m married. I have planned a wedding. Planning for a Jubilee is just like planning a wedding – but WAY bigger! Every single member of your council staff plays a part in planning, organizing, implementing, and executing a Jubilee during a Jubilee year. So, it’s basically as big as planning 50 weddings all at the same time.

So, in 2007, I had been out of college for a year. I have a degree in Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising. Makes sense. I’m your marketing director. Anyway, in journalism school, you’re taught not to use jargon and terminology that the layman can’t understand. Well, becoming a member of the “scouting family” meant learning a ton of jargon. I actually had to look up “Jubilee.” I had no idea what it meant. And really, the online definition didn’t really give credit where credit is due. Honestly, after all the planning and the hype and the research and the promoting – I wasn’t even looking forward to going to the Jubilee. But…

Now that I’ve been! Oh, my! I can tell you first-hand. It is SO worth it. The planning. The time. The hubbub. Every second that I put into that event with dozens of co-workers and three times as many volunteers was 100% worth it. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • IT IS FUN! Seriously, I was 25 and had the time of my life. Plus, I got to see about 8,000 other people having the time of their life too!
  • When we say, “there’s something for everyone,” we are not just pushing a standard issue cliché. There actually is something for everyone.
  • There’s a million bouncy house-type things for the elementary school crowd.
  • There’s a video game competition sponsored by Best Buy for the older “kids.” I know. They don’t think they are kids anymore… But who knows what to call them? Young adults – nope. They don’t like that either. Young people. Maybe? Anyway, the gaming-aged crowd will have an awesome time as well!
  • There’s a huge fireworks display, and I am not kidding you, it is amazing! I adore fireworks shows, and the one at Jubilee is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. So even if you don’t like fun or family or other cool stuff, if you just come for the fireworks, it’s worth it. For real.
  • You can camp, or sleep in a hotel, or a cabin. Pretty much, you’ll be comfortable no matter your comfort level.
  • We bring in awesome shows for the main stage. Last time, we had an amazing Beatles cover band. My husband even came!
  • The list continues – but we still have some time.

There will be lots of information to come. Tons of details to share. We’ll keep you posted. We’ve got plans to communicate on the blog, on social media, through the mail, with an e-newsletter… the works. But I’ve told you enough for now.

So, seriously, if you never hear from me again, know that I personally think that this is the best event to take your whole family to. It is the best event to come to with your entire pack. Or den. Or troop. Or patrol. Or 10 best friends. Or three other people you kind-of know. Just come. Please. It’s totally worth it!

…P.S. If you aren’t the type who likes to read and would rather watch, check out a recap of our 2010 Jubilee here:

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