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The Benefits of Being Camp Staff

December 19, 2013

By Tom Barnett, Camp Cedars Director

Summer camp staff interviews have already started for both Little Sioux and Camp Cedars. If this seems early, trust me, it is not. You can never start too early to recruit staff, as a quality staff translates into a quality program. However, many people never take the time to apply for summer camp staff. There are myriad reasons why not to apply, but I want to focus on some reasons why one should consider working on camp staff. Here are just a few:

• Leadership experience: Getting the chance to mold young minds at summer camp is an invaluable experience and gives staff the chance to show off their leadership skills. Can you manage a class of 20+ Scouts for an hour? Do you set a shining example of how Scouts should act? Have you ever mentored a young Scout toward a goal? All of these opportunities and many more are available to summer camp staff.

• Expand horizons: Camp staff gets to not only meet individuals from all walks of life, but also help contribute to the cornucopia of talents that make up a summer camp. What better way to experience new things than to spend a summer living and learning with new people? Which leads to the next point…

• Learn independence by meeting new friends and living in new environment: There are few other programs that offer the chance to learn independence like being on summer camp staff. Spending a majority of the summer away from home helps to foster that experience. When you factor in the melting pot of personalities you would be amazed at how much the staff grow.

• Experience putting others first: To help other people at all times is not just a part of the Scout Oath for camp staff. It is a way of life. It is embedded in everything that a camp staffer does, and teaches lessons that will be carried with them for life.

• Get paid to play: Let’s be honest. Working on camp staff is also fun. Where else do you get to work outdoors all day doing what you love? The pay check is just an added bonus.

• Great stories: You would be hard pressed to find someone who can’t tell at least one great story about their time on camp staff. The summer may only be a few months, but the memories last a lifetime.

So there you have it, a few good reasons to join camp staff. Your Mid-America Council camps are always looking for more folks to join the camp staff family. If you know of someone interested, please have them fill out a staff application (found here: and turn it in to us. Interviews may have already started, but they are an ongoing process that is never done. Questions? Call 402-9BSA (9272).

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