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How Cody Sells $7,410 in Popcorn

January 14, 2014

We, (Cody and family), decided to set our popcorn sales at a high level after last years 2012 Popcorn Ball. Mom thought with hard work and determination we could reach our goal. Dad piloted the SUV while mom and I walked door to door with our popcorn and sales sheets in hand. We walked while the sun was shining and when it wasn’t. We walked, ran and tripped on warm days, rainy days, cold days, a couple of snow days, and evenings. (Sounds like the mailman). We met a lot of wonderful, kind, and giving people along the way not to mention their outgoing pets, rambunctious dogs, loving cats, and intelligent birds.

Our popcorn buyers consisted mostly of our fellow rural and 4 small town folks and a few Omahans. Some couldn’t wait to get their chocolate popcorn fix while others just wanted to help support Cody and the wholesome Boy Scout program. Cody got a lot of encouraging words from adults who had been in scouting and they shared what good wisdom they had received through their experiences. One adult shared that scouting had actually changed his life for the better.

Selling the popcorn was a fun experience all in all, but meeting and visiting with people was even more fun. Except, for a couple of grinches. Who, I guess, were having a bad day. We spent time visiting families, singles, young, and old. We got to share with many good people. We helped to take hot cookie bars out of an oven for an older lady. We listened and hopefully encouraged some whose loved ones were going through an illness or had passed on. We also played with, petted, and held quite a few furry and feathered family members.

We would like to publicly thank and acknowledge all our new buyers, repeat buyers and especially the supportive ex-Girl Scout leader who caught up with us in her car to place a very large order because she really wanted to help make our sales a success. We look forward to 2014’s Popcorn Sales. Thank you Popcorn Kernel Payton. Ready or not here we come!

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