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Local Scouter Proud of His Troop

February 4, 2014

At a time where it’s easy to paint the next generation of kids as spoiled, addicted to computers and console games, and destined to live in their parent’s basement, I had the honor of going camping last weekend with 15 young boys.

These boys set up their tents in the dark, brought their own food, cooked their own meals, did their own dishes, kept themselves occupied and productive, went on hikes, learned how to start fires, and demonstrated first aid techniques.

I often say I’m proud of my son, but I’m also proud of the group of young men that he is a member of and the patrol that he currently leads. They are growing, learning, young men, learning life skills, and preparing themselves for a future that will go far beyond their parent’s basement.

Did everything go as planned? Well, obviously not. But where the plan failed, the boys stepped up and made things right. I’m honored to be a part of that.

– Local Scouter, Guest Blogger. Read the original post on MAC’s Facebook page.

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