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February 11, 2014

Entering into February, many Webelos are ready to bridge into Boy Scouts. This is an extremely important transition time for the boy, his family, and the troop they will be joining. We owe each Webelos Scout a seamless transition into the Boy Scout program.

There is often a misconception when a Webelos Scout may transfer into the Boy Scout program. Many packs still believe the boy cannot join Boy Scouts until the Arrow of Light is presented at the awards ceremony. In fact that is not correct. Once his Arrow of Light requirements are signed off as completed, and he is 10 ½ he may join a troop. He may then return and receive his Arrow of Light at the pack awards ceremony.

This important to explain to the pack leaders and parents of Webelos. Spring is a great time to get the Webelos transferring to Boy Scouts and his family familiar with the troop they chose. They will then have the opportunity to attend more troop meetings, develop relationships, participate in troop campouts, and the spring camporee. This will help prepare the new Scout for his first long-term summer camp at Camp Cedars, and allows families to save for camp fees!

Work with unit leadership and your commissioner staff throughout your Webelos transition process. We currently have 1,372 boys eligible to transfer into Boy Scouts. Let’s not let them miss the greatness Scouting has to offer. Please don’t forget those boys who joined late, and didn’t receive their Arrow of Light. True story, I had a mom who signed her 5th grade son up for Webelos a few weeks before the Blue & Gold. All his friends transferred up to the Troop. She came in to the office very upset. Come to find out nobody explained that her son would be eligible to join the Troop when he turned 11. She returned her son’s uniform and lost that boy from our program.

Good luck with your transitioning your Webelos to Boy Scouts, 93% of our Boy Scouts come from our Cub Programs!

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  1. Jeff Baldwin permalink
    February 11, 2014 13:51

    Nick who?

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