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Cub Camp Goes Medieval!

February 18, 2014

Campers at any Cub Scout summer camp this year will travel back to the days of knights, castles, dragons, and wizards. Whether you attend a May Cub Family Weekend, a District 5-day Day Camp, or one of our 10 sessions of Cub Resident Camp at Little Sioux, you’ll be surrounded in the magic and majesty of the medieval times. Every attending Cub Scout will spend his days at camp as a Cub KNIGHT!

The real knights of old lived by a simple, but majestic code. History and song are full of their deeds. These knights lived by a set of high ideals, not unlike the oaths and laws promised by Scouts today. As you prepare your Cub Scouts for the adventure of Cub Scout camping this summer, share these points with them and discuss how they relate to the ideals of Scouting:


  1. Be always ready with your armor on, except when you are taking your rest at night.
    1. (Be Prepared, the Boy Scout Motto)
  2. Defend the poor and help those that cannot defend themselves.
    1. (“…to help other people…” from the Cub Scout Promise)
  3. Do nothing to hurt or offend anyone.
    1. (“…Cub Scout gives good will.” From the Law of the Pack)
  4. Be prepared to fight in the defense of your country.
    1. (“…duty to God and my country…” from the Cub Scout Promise.)
  5. At whatever you are doing, try to win honor and a name for honesty.
    1. (Do Your Best, the Cub Scout Motto)
  6. Never break your promise.
    1. (The Boy Scout Law begins with “Trustworthy”.)
  7. Chivalry requires youth be trained to perform the most laborious and humble offices with cheerfulness and grace, and do good unto others.
    1. (“The Cub Scout helps the Pack go” from the Law of the Pack, and the Boy Scout Law requires a Scout to be “Cheerful”.)

These are just a few ways Cub Scouts can live up to the Knight’s Code. Talk with dens and packs about other ways they act according to these and other “codes of conduct” to prepare them for their camp experience. These ideals, specifically #2, #3, and #7, are great discussion points for the March Cub Scout Theme/Core Value of “Compassion”.

Learn more about what to expect from this HISTORIC summer of camping, go to and check out our preview video! For questions, contact Cub Camp Director Mike Evano at 402-431-9272.

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