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You’ll be in good hands this summer at Camp Cedars!

February 18, 2014

Kelly Crowell helping children

Kelly Crowell, our new chief medical officer for Camp Cedars this summer, can handle anything – ticks, bug bites, cuts, sunburn, heat-related illnesses, and so much more.

Kelly just got back from Cambodia where she spent two weeks providing medical relief. She has responded three times to the earthquake aftermath in Haiti. In July 2010, she was on the ground providing emergency medical disaster relief two weeks after the earthquake. She returned in July, 2011 and September, 2012 to help with medical relief follow up.

The left photograph was taken in Haiti in a United Nations Displaced Persons camp medical clinic. Kelly explained, “That poor little guys teeth were all rotted out, felt really bad for him. Taught him how to brush his teeth and gave him a fluoride treatment before that picture was taken, and gave him a new toothbrush. Funny how little it takes to make people happy…a toothbrush…”

Her motivation is, “Knowledge is an empowering thing.”

“When I learned this in an Anthropology class, I knew I would rather be there with knowledge,” stated Kelly when asked why she volunteered in such remote disaster areas. Native to Omaha, Kelly graduated from Creighton University with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology. She is licensed by the American Red Cross and teaches CPR and First Aide at Creighton University and the National Safety Council in Omaha.

Kelly volunteers for the Yutan Volunteer Fire Rescue and Recovery Dive Team as a certified Scuba diver, and for city-wide disaster events. She has worked as an EMT, in medical Cardiac units, and with HAZMAT. Kelly is currently president and CEO at Heart Starters, and Director of Mid-America Council, South Omaha Scoutreach programs since last July, and Assistant District Executive in Lewis & Clark District.

So bring on the ticks, bugs and sunburns at Camp Cedars – Kelly can handle it and help you through it! Or, better yet, avoid the ticks, bugs, and sunburn, and just stop by and welcome Kelly to Camp Cedars!

Contact Kelly at 402-431-9272 x326.
Author – Dixie Wagner, Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of America
Smoke Signals Camping Newsletter, 2014-02

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