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You are invited to come and see the 9/11 flag

March 26, 2014

It will be showcased at our own Camp Cedars in the dining hall on April 1 & 2 from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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This is a really neat opportunity for any Scouts, Scouters, and families to see this flag in person before it becomes the permanent property of the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York. While the flag is in town, our Scouting group of stitchers, headed by Patti Lanni, will repair areas where the flag has been torn and ripped. This will be the final local visit and will be one of the last displays before the flag is given to the museum.

The above pictures are of the National 9/11 Flag, one showing where it was found at Ground Zero two days after the collapse of the Twin Towers; one on the steps of the National Capitol being held by some Boy Scouts; one in front of Mt. Rushmore; and a picture of the completed flag on display in Orlando, Florida. Click here to learn more about the 9/11 flag.

The Flag, which measures 20′ long and 30′ wide, is now one sided due to the condition it was in when it was found on the building at Ground Zero. It was stitched back together originally by citizens of Greensburg, Kansas after the EF5 tornado that destroyed the town in 2007. Because of many missing pieces, 11 smaller flags that survived the tornado were sewn onto the National 9/11 Flag to cover the missing areas. These were eventually removed and replaced with patch material from donated flags that were no longer fit to fly. The restoration was completed with the New York State patch and a ceremony in Joplin Missouri on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It was also brought to Little Sioux Scout Ranch and displayed during the building of the chapel in 2009.

The flag now belongs to the National September 11 Memorial Museum which will open to the public at The World Trade Center in New York later this spring. It will be given to the museum during a ceremony by the New York Says Thank You Foundation and will become a permanent part of the Museum display. The flag has been displayed at thousands of venues across the United States.

More of the history of the restoration of the 9/11 flag can be online at

New York Says Thank You Foundation helped us to build an open-air chapel on the foundation of the north cabin at Little Sioux Scout Ranch following a tornado that destroyed much of the camp.

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