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Be Prepared…for the SAT and ACT

April 2, 2014

BSA giving away $250 SAT/ACT programs

In alliance with the Boy Scouts of America, eKnowledge and the SAT/ACT Donation Project are giving Boy Scout families (past and present) $250 SAT and ACT test prep programs for just the cost of providing the programs (under $20)…the fee covers everything, including materials, shipping, student support, and streaming. You may request your programs online:

Already, over 4,500 scouting families have benefited from the SAT/ACT Donation Project. The mission of this project is to help Boy Scouts be prepared for the SAT or ACT.

The eKnowledge Donation Project is made up of over 100 educationally focused organizations and a group of professional athletes from the National Football League and Major League Baseball that includes A.J. Hawk and Chipper Jones. Learn more The eKnowledge SAT/ACT Project has provided more than 200,000 SAT/ACT prep programs to families all over the United States.

“I believe in using my gifts and public image to help the community,” said Chipper Jones, six-time All-Star and future Hall of Fame baseball player.

Now in its eighth year, the Project has donated more than $42 million of SAT/ACT test preparation programs. In response to the donation, eKnowledge has received more than 55,000 thank-you letters from those who have benefited including hundreds of comments from the 4,500+ scouting families. Learn more

The PowerPrep™ program helps prepare students to take the exams and increase student confidence, which can result in higher test scores and thousands of dollars in scholarships.

eKnowledge recently released the Cloud (online) SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ Program. In development for more than two years at a cost of $1.5 million, it includes more than 11 hours of video instruction, 3,000 files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, practice tests, and graphic teaching illustrations. The PowerPrep Programs are also available on DVD.

Families may request their FREE $250 SAT or ACT PowerPrep™ Programs online: or by calling 951-256-4076.

There is a student fee of $17.55 – $19.99 (per standard program) to cover the cost of delivering the programs, including: technical and customer support, shipping and/or streaming. There is no profit created by this project and all fees are used to improve the program and continue helping thousands of students each year.

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