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Scouts Stepping Up When the Need is the Greatest

April 28, 2014

Scouting for Food, delivers thousands of meals for those who need it

OMAHA, NEB., April 24, 2014 – The Food Bank for the Heartland’s shelves were bare, and the Scouts took action to make a difference. Scouts collected 150, 352 meals for those who need it. These meals are provided by 256,600 food items.

Food Bank for the Heartland's results from the 2014 Scouting for Food Campaign

Food Bank for the Heartland’s results from the 2014 Scouting for Food Campaign

One out of five kids in Nebraska and western Iowa live in a food insecure home. This means they don’t have consistent access to the food they need to help them grow and thrive. For 20 years, the ConAgra Foods Foundation has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council to create the Scouting for Food drive, aimed at feeding these children and others in our communities who are in need.

“These are wonderful results that provide critical resources to help feed children and others in the area who don’t always know where their next meal may come from,” said Chris Kircher, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and President of the ConAgra Foods Foundation. “ConAgra Foods appreciates and applauds the hard work of the Scouts and the remarkable generosity of the entire community.”

This year was the 5th year that Hy-Vee assisted the Scouts with Scouting for Food. All metro Hy-Vee stores served as drop locations for donations from April 5-12. Additionally, stores sold $5 and $10 bags to donate to the drive. Donations from purchased bags totaled $8,611.

Additionally, this year, the Omaha Beef helped grow the campaign by collecting food donations at games in April. This effort brought 146 pounds of food to the Scouting for Food drive.

Scouts loading donations

Scouts loading donations

“We are so proud of our Scouts, leaders, families, and communities. Thank you to everyone who helped those in need of meals and responded to our Scouts’ call to action. Thank you to ConAgra Foods Foundation for sponsoring this effort, year after year, and Hy-Vee for their continued support of our partnership with the Food Bank for the Heartland,” said Eric Magendantz, CEO of the Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council. “Community service is one of the promises we make to the parents of our Scouts, our communities, and those who find themselves in a place of need,” he said.

More than 4,656 Scouts participated in the drive. Scouting for Food occurs simultaneously in 58 counties in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. The food collected in those counties benefits the people who need it locally. Scouting for Food is the largest coordinated community service project the Mid-America Council does every year. Scouting for Food began in the Mid-America Council in 1989.

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