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Cub Resident Camp UPDATE 

May 9, 2014


Most packs know by now how fun Little Sioux Resident Camp will be…you’ve seen the videos, read the leaders guides, and maybe even had a visit from “Mike the Knight” at one of your pack meetings or roundtables.  But remember, Cub Resdient Camp is fun WITH A PURPOSE!  That purpose is to teach valuable lessons to every attending Cub Scout, while providing an unparalleled experience in the outdoors.

Cub Resident Camp offers advancement opportunities for Cubs of all ages; even if they have earned all their Webelos Pins, and are ready for Boy Scouts, a Webelos should still plan on working toward their Cub Scout STEM Award, something made easy at resident camp.  Cubs will also experience an amazing three days in the outdoors; not many camps can boast the diversity of outdoor experiences offered at Little Sioux, from hills to valleys, to fields and lakes.

Finally, the fun and learning is focused on the youth, but available to adults, too; by providing a fully-staffed camp experience, you can have fun right along with your Cub Scouts!

Make sure to sign up your pack, den, or just YOUR Cub Scout for a resident camp experience today.  It’s not too late!  Go to to sign up!

By “Sir” Mike Evano, Cub Resident Camp Director

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