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Host Families Sought in NE/IA for Exchange Students Interested in Scouting

April 8, 2015


CCI Greenheart, a nonprofit agency, is searching for volunteer host families who are passionate about scouting and who are interested in cultural exchange. Exchange students are 15-18 years old, they speak English, have medical insurance, and their own spending money. They reside with local families from August through early June, attend the local public high school, and participate in family & extracurricular activities. Our host families provide a room, meals, and a caring environment. For more information, please contact Alicia Morrison at 402-253-6898 or complete an inquiry at:


Juan (boy, Spain) – age 17 – enjoys scouting, camping, going to the gym, video games, travel, biking, bowling, martial arts, skiing, soccer, listening to music, cooking, watching tv, outdoor activities, dancing, tennis. He has no pet allergies or dietary restrictions. His interviewer says, “Juan is a mix of 3 cultures being Colombian, Spanish and Catalan. He speaks 3 languages and would love to share these 3 cultures with his American host family.”

Yanmeng (girl, China) – age 16 – enjoys scouting, camping, fishing, outdoor activities. She also enjoys basketball, bowling, going to the gym, Golf, Ice skating, Ping pong, Roller skating, Rowing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Attending theater, Ballroom dancing, Dancing, Drama (acting/set building), Drawing or Painting, Listening to classical music, Listening to popular music, Photography, Playing an instrument, Singing, Beach, Collecting, Cooking, Gardening, Greenheart Environmental Activities, Handicrafts, Knitting, Model building, Movies, Outdoor activities, Puzzles, Sewing, Student government, Television, & Watching sports. She has no pet allergies or dietary restrictions.

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