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Important Information


Eugene T. Mahoney State Park
28500 W Park Hwy
Ashland, NE 68003

Home of Jubilee 2014

October 10-12, 2014

  • Located half way between Lincoln and Omaha off of I-80 at exit 426
  • Upon taking exit 426, turn North and go 1/2 mile on Hwy 66, entrance before Strategic Air & Space Museum.
  • If traveling from Ashland, turn onto Hwy 66, go South 3 miles on Hwy 66, entrance after Strategic Air & Space Museum (before I-80).
  • Map of Mahoney


We ask that all leaders assist us in enforcing these policies.

We encourage leaders to take one additional step toward setting a good example for the youth of our council. Please give serious consideration on taking a weekend break from use of all tobacco products.Young minds are impressionable and Scouting youth frequently look to their leaders as role models.

Units are expected to follow the “Pack it in – Pack it out” method of dealing with trash.


Troops and Packs will be responsible for their own meals during this event and should plan accordingly. The Scouts normally do not want to leave the fun-filled event area and go back to the campsite to prepare meals, so we suggest using the concession area. Cutchall Restaurant Management has made the food prices affordable to help keep costs as low as possible for our families. We have moved the concession area closer to the action so that can participate in more program fun and enjoy delicious food. Please see page 20 for more information. Unfortunately, no
ground fires are permitted, however, propane stoves and above ground fires are allowed.

In addition to Troop equipment, the following list is provided to assist campers in the selection of their personal gear. Refer to your Boy Scout Handbook for additional assistance.


  • Completed Annual Health & Medical Record Form (see page 23-26)
  • ̆̆

  • Uniform – Can wear Scout t-shirt during the day. Please wear field (Class A) uniforms to the stage show.
  • ̆̆

  • Sleeping Bag (if camping)
  • ̆̆

  • Appropriate clothing (it can get cold in October at night)
  • ̆̆

  • Rain gear
  • ̆̆

  • Toiletries (if camping)
  • ̆̆

  • Personal first aid kit
  • ̆̆

  • Small flashlight
  • ̆̆

  • Camera
  • ̆̆

  • Money (trading post and concessions will be available)


We are providing portable latrines to supplement the permanent toilet facilities at Mahoney State Park. All Jubilee participants are urged to keep the latrine facilities as clean as possible. All latrines will receive regular servicing during the weekend. No shower facilities will be available while camping on Jubilee Hill. Showers
are available for those camping in the Cub Scout and family camping areas at Little Creek Campground and Lakeside Campground.


Units are highly encouraged to bring large FULL water containers and canteens for their convenience. Bottled water for drinking will be sold.


Wastewater MUST be collected and disposed of into designated collection points or drains. You can do this with
a 5 gallon bucket or other device that can store non-potable water. Dumping wastewater (sometimes called “grey
water”) onto the ground is a violation of state park rules. Help us protect Mahoney State Park and dispose of wastewater properly. There will be barrels with signs designating them as wastewater on Jubilee Hill.


There will be NO ground fires allowed. This is necessary to protect the park’s ecosystem from fire damage and to
protect the quality of the air for the event participants. Also, open fires pose a significant risk to the park in case of dry weather. Troops will be allowed to use gas/propane stoves in accordance with BSA safety policies and


Dumpsters will be located in high volume areas of the park. Please help reduce container overflow by bagging campsite trash and taking it out of the park when you leave. This is a good time to teach “pack it in/ pack it out”.
All trash at campsites shall be picked up before checking-out with the Campmaster.


Golf carts and Gators are for staff use only. No personal golf carts, gators or four-wheelers, etc. are allowed.
Other than for emergencies, event participants will not be allowed to ride in or on golf carts. Event participants
who need a handicapped pass to use a vehicle (other than their personal powered wheelchair or scooter) should check in with safety and security at registration. Every effort will be made to accommodate all event participants.
No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters are allowed.


Security and traffic control in and around Mahoney State Park will be handled by various law enforcement agencies. These agencies include the US Army Reserves, Nebraska State Patrol, Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, and Law Enforcement Explorers.

The United States Army Reserve is the primary force protection and first line of defense to handle any situations and all crowd and traffic monitoring. They will be providing 24-hour monitoring of all park activities and will also provide security and assistance as requested by the Mid-America Council. In the case of an emergency, or if you need assistance inside Mahoney State Park, contact a member of the Army Reserves and they will provide any and all necessary support to assist you. They will be in constant contact with the medical staff and law enforcement agencies and located throughout the park in teams.

The main security station will be located on the second floor of the Mahoney Activity Center.

The Army Reserves will be checking wristbands at all gates, entrances and other locations throughout the park. No person will be allowed into an area without displaying the proper wristbands. Children two years old and under do not need a wristband.

Between midnight and 6:30 a.m. (quiet hours), all Scouts must be in their tents. The Army Reserve will be enforcing this and will take any violators to their respective leaders as necessary and provide a listing to the Scout Jubilee leadership each morning. The only exception to this rule will be for a trip to the nearest latrine and then back to their tents.

Any group that needs to take down their campsite and leave the park prior to Sunday morning must contact security and the Campmaster for assistance.

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