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Jubilee Activities

Why Go To Jubilee?
The better question is, why not?? Below is all the fun you will have!

game_truck_2 GameTruck of Omaha: GameTruck of Omaha is coming to Jubilee! This awesome gaming truck allows up to 20 people to play interactive video games, all at the same time! Check out the photos below for a sneak peek.
rover_150x113 LAND ROVER OMAHA – Markel: The Ultimate Automotive Campus has joined with the Mid-America Council to provide an exciting new Jubilee experience. Riding in these technologically advanced four-wheel drive vehicles will be an adventure. Learn what’s going on with the vehicle’s systems as your driver maneuvers over obstacles.
mountain_boarding150x150 MOUNTAIN BOARDING A type of extreme sport using a skateboard-like board to descend mountain terrain; a combination snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking.
kayak_polo150x85 KAYAK POLO: A competitive ball sport played on water, in a defined “field” between teams in kayaks. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal.
geo_caching150x112 GEOCACHING: An outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called geocaches or caches). Geocaching is most often described as a “game of high-tech hide and seek” sharing many aspects with orienteering, treasure-hunting, and waymarking.
ne_state_patrol150x108 NEBRASKA STATE PATROL: Please join us as the State Patrol gives a glimpse into law enforcement and demonstrates a crash simulator. You can also be part of a hands-on demonstration of the “seat-belt convincer”, which lets riders experience first-hand what a 5mph crash is like.
yutan_dive_team150x110 YUTAN DIVE TEAM: Learn more about the Yutan Dive Team. They will give exciting demonstrations on their skills in rescue and public safety.
ofd_logo150x110 OMAHA FIRE DEPARTMENT:Watch the Omaha Fire Department smokehouse in action. The fire department gives insight into what fighting fire is like. You can see demonstrations on first aid kits that members of the Omaha Fire Department use in their Scout Units. These kits are state of the art and can help save lives.
bbguns150x100 BB GUNS: A type of air gun designed to shoot BBs. Youth will get the chance for some target practice with certified leaders.
archery150x147 ARCHERY: The art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow. Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat, but at Jubilee, youth can aim arrows at targets and get tips from certified leaders.
sporting_archery150x114 SPORTING ARCHERY: Think Hunger games. Test your skills with an arrow shooting down a moving target (Boy Scouts & Venturing only).
wrist_rockets150x110 WRIST ROCKETS: How’s your aim? Try your best at hitting targets with wrists rockets (all ages).
tomahawk_throwing150x110 TOMAHAWK THROWING: The average tomahawk has a blade up to 4 inches wide at the cutting edge and a handle from 14 to 20 inches long. Weights run from half a pound to three pounds. The average throwing hawk weighs a little less than two pounds. Tomahawk throwing demonstrations at wood hawk blocks.
nbz_logo NANI-BA-ZHU: Teepee and dressing in period ragalia.
rendezvous150x110 RENDEZVOUS: Teepees, bakers tents, cooking demonstrations and static displays.
trades_area150x115 TRADES AREA: A favorite for many Jubilees. Spend time doing hands-on activities that could be your career. Specialists in carpentry, electrical. sheet metal, masonry, energy and more. Learn from the professionals and have fun!
tank_150x75 MILITARY STATIC DISPLAYS – Have you ever seen a tank up close? See the latest and greatest in military equipment. Climb on them and really experience the massiveness.
superhero_bounce_house150x98 SUPERHERO BOUNCE HOUSE: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Cub Scout! Jump and tumble in this air-filled “balloon jump” with a superhero theme.
pirate_ship_bounce_house150x`112 PIRATES COVE: Protect your ship with an inflatable cannon, race to the stern by sliding down the slide and jump for joy as you claim victory!
action_shack150x150 ACTION SHACK: This colorful inflatable boasts a jumping area, small maze, and slide. Challenge yourself to see if you can make it through the Action Shack.
adrenaline_rush150x113 ADRENALINE RUSH: Over 80 feet of running lanes! You’ll encounter a sticky bull’s eye, eye of the storm, up & over, log crawl, a crawl tube, and a squeeze wall – along with 4 more heart pumping obstacles, before you exit via the escape lane!
big_top_circus150x104 BIG TOP CHALLENGE: A colorful circus-themed obstacle course. Can you beat the time of your buddy? Who is the fastest in your den?
boxing_gloves150x90 BOUNCY BOXING: Put on the giant-sized foam boxing gloves and jump in the giant inflatable ring with your chosen opponent.
bungee_run150x112 TRIPLE LANE BUNGEE RUN: See if you can make it the full 30 feet before you’re “bungeed” back!! Three at a time can use this fun inflatable. Runners race to out-distance each other by shooting a basketball at a hoop, before the bungee rope rifles you back to the start.
joust150x112 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: Two contenders, going head-to-head. Enjoy trying to knock each other off their pedestal with a foam jousting stick!
mega_three_lane_run150x86 MEGA THREE LANE THRILL: This obstacle course boasts over 75 feet of running lanes! There are 3 competition lanes for jumping, pushing, crawling, climbing and sliding your way through as you race to the finish. There’s a 15 foot slide at the end!
nfl_challenge150x82 NFL CHALLENGE: Highlighted by a GIANT football, this obstacle course boasts blockers, a tire-stepping area, a 6’ wall and a squeeze wall out to the end zone!
obstacle_course150x87 OBSTACLE COURSE: Challengers will race over, under, around and through obstacles for the King of the Course title! This 40 foot long, 15 foot wide, course is a great relay and team building activity.
velcro_wall.150x100jpg VELCRO WALL: Climb into a Velcro suit, take a running leap and stick onto our 14-foot tall Velcro Wall! Upside down or right side up – either way you’ll stick like – well – like Velcro!!
xtreme_challenge150x107 X-TREME CHALLENGE: This 50 foot obstacle course boasts an 11-foot tall slide platform that will have any rider racing with excitement!
climbing_wall150x93 GIANT CLIMBING WALL: This popular attraction will amaze, awe, and challenge you with its 28’ tall wall, 3 climbing stations and state-of-the-art auto-belay system to insure speed, safety, and climber comfort.
mechanical_bull150x112 MECHANICAL BULL: Think you have what it takes to hang on? Almost as much fun to watch as he is to ride, Roudy will do his best to buck you off!! Roudy has three settings so he’s good for all the ages.
hamster_ball150x100 HUMAN HAMSTER BALLS: Hamster Balls feature 2 – 9’ Zorb balls with a 75’ long track. The track is filled with loads of obstacles and varied terrains.
wizzer150x112 G FORCE WIZZER: How strong is your stomach? How about after spinning around and around and around? Check out this ‘People Powered’ spinner!