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Meet the Woodbadge Staff

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Fritz McMullinCourse Director: George “Fritz” McMullin
Hometown: Bellevue, NE
Received Beads In: 2000 (C-15-99)
Patrol: Totally Hip Enthusiastic (T.H.E.) Owls
Why I Love Wood Badge: The greatest reward in Scouting is seeing the youngsters we serve grow into outstanding young adults. I love Wood Badge because it gives me the opportunity to help other Scouters better understand the Scouting program and how they can improve their delivery of the program to the youth they serve. Wood Badge multiplies my ability to positively impact the youth in Mid-America Council by helping their adult leaders have a positive impact on those youth.
tommie_jonesSenior Patrol Leader: Tommi Jones
Hometown: Lincoln NE
Received Beads In:2006
Patrol: Bobwhites
Why I love Wood Badge: I love Wood Badge because it gives me the opportunity to help other adults turn into the fantastic leaders every young person deserves. I love to see the Scouters who are attending Wood Badge have their own ah ha moments and then take their new found skills back to work with the young people in their Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Posts. The opportunity to meet Scouters who have an enthusiasm and passion for Scouting is a definite positive effect in my life.
Kay MacDonaldAssistant Scoutmaster, Troop Guides: Kay MacDonald
Hometown: Storm Lake, IA
Received Beads In: Boy Scout C-3-96 & Cub Scout C-C5-13
Patrol(s): Fox (at Thomas Ashford) and Antelope (at Kamp Kiwanis)
Why I Love Wood Badge: Scouts gave my son an awesome journey as a youth. I love that Wood Badge equips adult leaders to offer that same experience for other youth as well.
Don BlairAssistant Senior Patrol Leader: Don Blair
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Received Beads In: 2008 (C-45-07)
Patrol: Great White Bobs
Why I Love Wood Badge: I love Wood Badge for the skills it has given me. I have become a better Scout Leader, Employee, Husband, and Father. I have used my Wood Badge skills in all aspects of my life. I have found that by helping other Scouts learn the same skills I learned at Wood Badge I am continually improving my skills in other areas. Being on Staff has given me the opportunity to give back to the Scouting program that gave me so much as a youth and now as an adult.
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